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IAAF Coach Eric Dixon To Train Naval Tata Hockey Cadets

Eric Dixon, IAAF Level 5 Coach has been roped in by the Naval Tata Hockey Academy Odisha for a five week programme on Strength & Conditioning. He will also be chalking out the road map for the Hockey HPC in the area of Strength & Condition with a special focus on biomechanics.

A proper strength and conditioning program is essential and has numerous benefits for athletes, most important being injury prevention. Every coach and athlete has to work together to avoid sustaining injury as it impacts the overall performance of an athlete, participation and the outcome of a game. Keeping these in mind the HPC cadets will be training with Coach Eric to better at their games.

Following his session with the cadets, Eric Dixon, Coach, shared, “It’s a great opportunity to build a strength training programme and collaborating with Hockey HPC.  The athletes are on a good level right now. I believe all of us working together with support from the Government of Odisha can help the athletes here advance to the next level and enhance their future performance.”

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