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India claims Five Medals in Track Asia Cup Cycling meet

Track Asia CupNew Delhi, Nov 19: India’s men and women cyclists brought cheers to the hosts’ camp by winning five medals (one gold, three silver and one bronze) on the opening day of the Track Asia Cup at the IG Stadium Complex Velodrome here on Wednesday.

Indian Anu Chutia ((40.093 seconds) came second to SAI National Cycling Academy’s (SAINCA) Amritha Reghunathan (39.927 seconds) in the 500 metres Race Distance event in the junior women category. India has fielded two additional teams of SAINCA and Western Indian Team (WIT).

Later, Anu combined with Rajesh Nayana to bag the gold medal in the junior Team Sprint event with a timing of 39.702 seconds. Uzbekistan won the silver of this event with a timing of 41.852 seconds.

In women elite event of 500m Race Distance, 20-year-old Deborah got the silver medal in 35.776 seconds, losing to South Korea’s Kim Wangyeong who completed the race in 35.179 seconds. Deborah improved her own national record of 37.680 seconds in the same event which she created in the National Games early this year in Kerala.

Deborah later partnered Kezia Vargheese for the silver medal in the Team Sprint event with a timing of 37.402 seconds while South Korea (35.835 seconds) won the gold medal.

One bronze medal for India also came in junior men Team Sprint event as Emerson, Arkaprava Baul and Ranjith Singh clocked 51.067 seconds. (IANS)

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