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UnHack App to protect Smartphone’s Data

unhack for smartphoneSmartphone is a necessity of late; most of the mobile users do prefer to have a Smartphone with more applications compatible. It makes daily tasks every easy from calling a friend to reaching millions of users on social networking sites.

Our Smartphone today is far from safe. All of us keep personal data there in phone and think that it can be hacked or no one can get access to these, since your phone is with you always. You think that you have not granted any access to any outsider to look at your personal data stored in phone or data card.

Interesting, all of us depend on some Apps (applications) for the various utilities. By installing, we hard do think that we have been grating permission to these third –party apps to access our data.

But the fact is that, we have been granting permission to these apps and these apps could read the data in your Smartphone. Some apps could read SMS, pictures, contacts, email and data both phone and data card.

There has been risk that your phone could be hacked sine you have given full access permission to these apps while installing. No need to panic, just there are few apps to get you out from this risk of being hacked.

UnHack answers a very basic question of giving you complete control of your smartphone. Use this apps to secure your data and monitor the apps you have installed. After all of us, would like to secure our data, those are not only data but valuable to us.

Take the help of app – UnHack from Lucideus, that keep tab on the apps, set limit on the apps usages and data it has been consuming on your smartphone. It is essential for the mobile users those have been doing their financial transactions over their phone.

As a part of precaution, you should read the standard of the app – which you’re doing to install on your phone. And stay ways from less secured apps, that would help you keep your data safe. And if you have many apps and want some protection for data by keeping tab on app – just try the app UnHack.

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