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Zicom launches ‘Ziman’ App for Women’s Safety

Ziman-AppThe Zicom Electronic Security Systems Ltd has come up with a unique mobile app, ‘Ziman’, which will focus on safety of women. The new mobile app will provide 24×7 response services to the victims in need apart from raising the alarm button with their family members.

According to the press release of Zicom, ‘Ziman’ can be activated in just five seconds by pressing the power button on a smartphone five times when one finds oneself in danger. It will send alerts to the emergency contacts that will let them know the concerned person is in danger and need their assistance. If an incident has already occurred, the app will also provide an emergency map which will show a list of emergency services available nearby, using your location.

With the crime against women rising every passing day across India and the cops and security personnel finding it tough to prevent those, the new app may serve as a huge deterrent and come in handy for girl students as well as the working women.

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