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Smriti Irani tears into Abhisar Sharma of ABP News

In an interview with ABP News, Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani responded ferociously to Abhisar Sharma’s charges and countered all his points. The last question put by Abhisar, was answered by Smriti in such a manner that the anchor became completely speechless.

Abhisar had sought an answer why Smriti reacted with anger to NSUI protest at her residence, slammed the activisits and challenged Rahul Gandhi for a debate while accusing him of attacking from behind.

Abhisar: Smriti Ji, why did you overreact to NSUI workers’ protest at your residence? Don’t they have democratic rights to protest?

Smriti: Abhisar Ji, do you have children at home? Sorry, I am asking a personal question.

Abhisar: Yes, I have.

Smriti: Abhisar Ji, my 11-year-old daughter called me up to inform that some hooligans are trying to barged into our house when I was away at work. Is it the right culture and democratic way to protest? Abhisar Ji, as a mother, I have every right to react. If I can’t, then you are killing my democratic rights.

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