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1974 Bolangir Murder Case: 6 Dead People sentenced to Life

Bolangir-MurderIn a mockery of judicial system in India, the Orissa High Court has sentenced nine convicts to life imprisonment in connection with the 1974 murder case in Bolangir town. However, six of them have already died, without waiting for the verdict after 41 years.

The incident had taken place on 29th November, 1974 when a young journalist and emerging politician, Parsurama Satpathy, was hacked and crushed under a jeep by a group of miscreants. The 9 accused were arrested, but later acquitted.

The verdict was upheld by the Orissa High Court, but the Supreme Court asked it to reopen the case and hear it afresh. As the verdict was pronounced today, six of the convicts are already dead. Only three are alive and they might approach the Supreme Court very soon.

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