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Fall in Driving license applicant numbers in Odisha

There has been a drastic fall in the number of learner licence holders turning up for the final test post the tests for obtaining driving licence were made tougher. As per the references of Commerce and Transport department, the Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) issued about 11.2 lakh learner’s licence in the last six months and three lakh applications are pending.

The ratio of issued and pending licenses remain are distant at a huge margin now. Statistically, throughout this period 3.5 lakh driving licences were issued and about 2.7 lakh applications are pending. Sources blamed the cause of the decreasing number of the learner’s licence candidates applying for driving licence to the tougher tests introduced.

The regulation states that “If the candidate fails to turn up for the final test within six months of the first test, they will have to apply for learner’s licence again”. Earlier, after getting the learner’s licence, the applicants were required to perform for the field test within six months to qualify for driving licence (DL). The RTOs carried the tests utilising driving simulators and even permitted the applicants to use four-wheelers with dual controls.

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