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10 Passengers injured as Plane makes Emergency Landing in Pakistan

Lahore AirportIslamabad, Nov 3: At least 10 passengers were injured when the tyre of a plane burst during an emergency landing at Pakistan’s Lahore airport on Tuesday.

The Karachi-Lahore flight NL-142 of Shaheen Airlines, carrying 276 passengers, made an emergency landing in Lahore, Daw3n online quoted airport sources as saying.

The injured were provided with immediate medical treatment. None of them was in critical condition, the sources said. The tyre of the aircraft burst due to a fault in the landing gear. The aircraft skidded off the runway after the tyre burst.

Fear and panic gripped the passengers, who were evacuated through an emergency gate. Pakistan’s airline industry has been tarnished by a string of tragic accidents in recent years. In April, 2012, all 127 people aboard a Bhoja Air Boeing 737-200 plane were killed when the flight from Karachi airport crashed five kms from Islamabad.

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