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12 killed, as Gunmen target Magazine Office in Paris

Charlie-Hebdo-ParisIn a shocking development, 12 staffers of a satirical magazine in Paris, were gunned down, while 10 others got wounded when some unidentified gunmen opened indiscriminate fire at them inside the office premises. The dead included the Editor of the Magazine and four top Cartoonists.

The magazine was identified as ‘Charlie Hebdo’. Earlier, in 2011, the same media house was bombed by some radical Islamic groups for publishing a cartoon of Prophet Muhammad. French President Francois Hollande condemned the incident and called it as a ‘terror attack’. He declared high alert across the country.

Out of the 12 deceased, 10 were journalists Charlie Hebdo, while two were the cops in charge of security of the office. The injured are being treated at hospital. British PM David Cameron has condemned the attack, calling it as a brutal assault on freedom of press.

The cops are hunting for the gunmen, who are still at large. They attackers came in a black car, armed with Kalashnikovs. According to eyewitnesses, they were speaking in French and called themselves as Al Qaeda members. They reportedly claimed that they avenged the insult to Prophet Muhammad. US President Barack Obama and Indian PM Narendra Modi have condemned the attack in strongest possible words. Meanwhile, security has been increased in Delhi following the terror attack in Paris.

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