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Afghan President completes 100 days without Government

Ashraf GhaniThe President of Afghan Ashraf Ghani completed first 100 days at office on Tuesday amid political stalemate over cabinet formation. Ashraf Ghani was sworn in as the new Afghan president in September 2014. The cabinet formation was not completed despite completion of 100 days at office.

Following the election results, Ghani agreeing to power sharing appointed his poll rival Dr Abdullah Abdullah as “Chief Executive” a role similar to Prime Minister, on September 29. Despite the deal, there has been contention over the key cabinet positions between two parties. In fact, Ghani missed deadlines to form his cabinet and appealed people to show patience.

It is noteworthy, that the NATO’s combat mission against Taliban insurgency was ended on December 31 after 13 years of fighting. There are still 17,000 foreign troops in Afghanistan imparting training the Afghan security force and continuing a limited counter-terrorism mission.

A stable government with cabinet need run the country and combat terrorism. The political stalemate could give fuel to Taliban insurgent activities as NATO’s anti-terrorism war is ended. International community has been demanding a corrupt free cabinet in the government. And, the president may soon declare to form his cabinet as he completed 100 days at office without cabinet.

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