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Al Qaeda leader involved in Charlie Hebdo Attack killed

Charlie HebdoWashington, May 8 (IANS) A senior commander in Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has been killed in a US drone strike, according to an online video statement from the group spokesperson. It was not immediately clear when Nasr Ibn Ali al-Ansi was killed, CNN reported.

A US official confirmed that al-Ansi was dead, but would not say whether his death was the result of a drone strike. The senior commander was well known for giving a lengthy statement after the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris, claiming AQAP was responsible for the attack.

Twelve cartoonists, editors and other magazine staffers were killed by two gunmen on January 7. The attack was revenge for the magazine’s depictions of the Prophet Mohammed, al-Ansi said then. He blamed not only Charlie Hebdo, but also France and the US in his statement. Al-Ansi urged all would-be militants to wage war at home, when possible, as opposed to traveling abroad.

“If he is capable to wage individual jihad in the Western countries that fight Islam — such as America, Britain, France, Canada, and others of the countries that represent the head of disbelief in waging war against Islam … If he is capable of that, then that is better and more harmful,” said al-Ansi. He continued: “But if that is impossible, and he is able to serve his brothers on the front lines, then let him immigrate, for it is better.”

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