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Archaeologists unearth tomb of Queen Khentakawess III

Queen Khentakawess IIIThe Czech Archeologists have discovered to tomb of Queen Khentakawess III at Abu Sir in Cairo. The tomb was believed to be the wife of Pharaoh Neferefre who ruled 4,500 years ago in Egypt. Earlier, they found two more tombs of queens in the same name. The name of the queen was unknown until the discovery of her tomb.

Archeologists unearthed the tomb from the ruler Neferefre’s funeral complex. Many other pyramids are there near to the funeral complex at Abu Sir. They said these pyramids were dedicated to pharaohs of the Fifth Dynasty including Neferefre. They believe that this discovery of the tomb of Queen Khentakawess III would shed light on unknown and mysterious aspects of the Fifth Dynasty. The Fifth Dynasty ruled Egypt during 2994 BC to 2345 BC. Archaeologists also found utensils made from limestone and copper near the tomb of Queen Khentakawess III.

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