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Arnold Schwarzenegger slams Indiana’s Anti-Gay Law

Arnold SchwarzeneggerFormer California Governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger expressed his anger and disappointment over Indiana’s religious freedom law.

Schwarzenegger opposed what he sees as his party’s discriminatory agenda in an op-ed for the Washington Post, reports people.com.

“I’m incredibly concerned about what happened in Indiana this week and the threat of similar laws being passed in other states. As a Republican, I’m furious,” he wrote.

Schwarzenegger is referring to the controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act, signed into Indiana law on Thursday by Republican Governor Mike Pence.

Those who oppose the the law say it could allow businesses, landlords, and others the opportunity to deny gays, bisexuals, and transgender people services, citing religious reasons as an excuse.

The action star goes on to slam Republicans for their failure to adhere to former President of the US Ronald Reagan’s vision for the party, as well as their inability to capture young voters.

“Distracting, divisive laws like the one Indiana initially passed aren’t just bad for the country, they’re also bad for our party,” he wrote. (IANS)

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