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Chadian Army kill 207 Boko Haram Militants in Nigeria

Chadian army in NigeriaAt least 207 Boko Haram militants were killed by Chadian army in Nigeria Tuesday, according to a Chadian army statement released Tuesday night.

The statement said many military equipments were recovered, including one tank equipped with a transceiver, two mortars, two pick-ups of Toyota and many ammunition, adding 13 pick-ups were destroyed, Xinhua news agency reported.

One Chadian soldier was killed and three others were injured in the fighting. The statement said, “After intense fighting for a few hours, our army completely destroyed the enemy.” Since their engagement against Boko Haram in mid-January 2015, Chadian troops have managed to take Nigerian cities Gambaru and Kikwa back from Boko Haram.(IANS)

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