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Four killed in Jakarta Blasts

jakartaJakarta, Jan 14: At least four people, including a policeman, were killed and two others injured after gunmen attacked a traffic police post near a shopping mall here on Thursday, an official said. The police spokesman, Brigadier General Anton Charliyan told reporters: “Three police were victims, one of them was killed and two others were injured, and three civilians were also killed.”

Previously, the spokesman said all the three policemen were killed. Indonesia police chief General Badrodin Haiti said security at the presidential palace has been beefed up after explosions and fire exchanges with attackers in the heart of the capital city.

“Yes, there are more deployment of force (in the palace),” Badrodin said, but he did not go into details on either the number or the security measures taken at the palace to respond to the attacks.

The strikes occurred after police got warning that the Islamic State (IS) group would launch attacks in Indonesia, Charliyan told reporters.

“It is clear that from the warning given by IS group that Indonesia will have a concert, Indonesia will be an international news,” he said.

Therefore, “we have given warning too” of the possible strikes, and conducted arrests of several militants in many places in the country, Charliyan said. Jakarta police spokesman M. Iqbal said in a TV telephone interview that “the explosions were allegedly from bombs, we don’t know yet.”

“Further investigation is underway at present. Our apparatus is now combing a coffee shop building at the left side of the attacked traffic police post,” he said. Footage broadcast by Metro TV showed that some of the explosions also took place in the front yard of the shopping mall.

Another footage showed two people in white clothes pointed their guns to the street direction, and gave orders to their colleagues who followed behind. The TV reported that at least 14 people were involved in the shootout with police. A witness said that among those killed in the incident was a foreigner.

The TV also reported that another explosion occurred in Palmerah, west Jakarta. (IANS)

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