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Inspired by India, Sri Lanka to introduce RTI Act

Modi and SirisenaInspired by the success of India’s right to information, the Sri Lankan government hopes to introduce Right to Information Act, RTI Act, through the 19th amendment of the Lankan Constitution aimed at political reforms in the country.

“No restrictions shall be placed on the right declared and recognized by this Article (Article 14A), other than such restrictions prescribed by law as are necessary in a democratic society, in the interests of national security, territorial integrity or public safety. In this Article, “citizen” includes a body whether incorporated or unincorporated, if not less than threefourths of the members of such body are citizens,” according to the draft of 19th Amendment.

The issues of political reforms, democracy, strengthening and freedom of institutions were on the agenda of discussions between Narendra Modi and cross section of Lankan leadership when the Prime Minister of India was in Colombo last week.

India had passed RTI Act in 2005.

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