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Italian Coast Guards Rescues Abandoned Ship

Italian Coast GuardsA ship carrying migrants has been abandoned by the crew member in the Mediterranean off Italy’s south coast. This is the second such incident in last three days, Italian coast guards said.

It is reported that, the ship, the Sierra Leone-flagged Ezadeen, was heading to Crotone in Italy from Turkish post carrying 450 migrants, believe to be Syrian refugees. Women and children were among the migrants boarded on the ship. On Thursday midnight, the crew members abandoned the ship at 110 km from south coast in Italy.

Coast guards have spotted the ship drafting powerless in the rough sea and started rescue operation. Three coast guards managed to board the ship from helicopter and taken control of it. Coast guard officials said the ship was run out of fuel and was heading to the city of Crotone.

Similar such incident was occurred on Wednesday; coast guards rescued 900 Syrian refugees from a ship abandoned by crew members.

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