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Italian ferry fire: 160 still trapped

Italy ferryNearly 316 out of 423 passengers were rescued in the operation from the blazing Italian ferry in the Adriatic Sea, arriving at the Italian port of Bari.

At 4 am GMT, on Sunday, fire broke out from the lower car deck of the Italian ferry; Norman Atlantic was traveling from Patras in Greece to Ancona in Italy.

It is believed that total 160 passengers and crew members are still trapped in the blazing ferry.

One person reported to be killed while trying to escape from the blazing ferry. Authorities have confirmed that the rescue operation is being hampered due to the choppy seas and bad weather condition.

Many others injured in the accident while trying to escape the blazing ferry. Two passengers have jumped off the ferry and they were rescued by the rescue operation team.

Italian Air Force helicopters have been conducting evacuation operation in the sea. Pilots reported that the “acrid smoke” has been making the rescue operations more challenging.

However, the operations are being carried out to evacuate all the trapped passengers before the ferry could sink into deep see.

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