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Missing Opposition Spokesman of Bangladesh found in India

Salahuddin Ahmed - Bangladesh Nationalist Party LeaderDhaka, May 12 (IANS) Bangladesh opposition spokesman Salahuddin Ahmed, who went missing over two months ago, has been found in India, his wife claimed on Tuesday. “My husband is alive,” she said at a press briefing. Ahmed’s wife Hasina Ahmed, claimed that her husband, the joint secretary general of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), called her from India, Xinhua news agency reported.

He has been undergoing treatment at a mental hospital in Shillong, capital of the northeastern Indian state of Meghalaya, she said. “I’ve talked to my husband today through the hospital authorities who made a phone call to me,” she said at the press briefing.

“They (the hospital officials) called me today afternoon and said my husband wants to talk to me,” she added. “I’m now leaving Dhaka for Shillong.” But she could not say immediately how her husband, who went missing in Dhaka, reached the Indian state.

Ahmed’s party staged demonstrations and called strikes many times in the last two months across the country in protest against the disappearance of Ahmed. Ahmed’s family had earlier alleged that some men in plainclothes flashing identity cards of the Detective Branch (DB) of Bangladesh Police and picked him up from a house in Dhaka on March 10 night.

But police officially denied arresting Ahmed who was made BNP spokesman weeks before his disappearance. No police spokesman was immediately available to comment on Hasina Ahmed’s claim that her husband called her from an Indian hospital.

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