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Pakistan: 7 killed, several injured in multiple Blasts in Charsadda Dist

multiple Blasts in Charsadda Dist-pakistanAt least seven people were killed and several others injured when multiple Taliban suicide bombers attacked a court complex in northern Pakistan in Charsadda District on Tuesday.

The three attackers had opened fire on police and thrown grenades while trying to enter into the complex as hundreds of people including lawyers, judges and citizens normally attend the court complex which was a busy area.

Each bomber was wearing seven to eight kilogram’s of explosives, said the bomb disposal experts.

The terrorists resorted to indiscriminate firing after the blasts in Tangi area and one bomber who was inside the complex was killed by the police officials.

The second bomber was also killed by the security forces and the third one died when he detonated his vest outside the main gates of the facility in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

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