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Pakistan sends ‘Beef Masala’ to Quake Survivors in Nepal

Beef-MasalaIn a shocking development, the Indian Doctors at Kathmandu Airport, discovered ‘beef masala’ packets sent by Pakistan inside the relief materials for quake-ravaged Nepal. The incident triggered a massive outrage in Nepal, where beef is completely banned.

Nepal has strict punishment of up to 12 years for consuming beef. However, it is believed that many people, who are not aware of the ingredients, have already consumed ‘beef masala’ sent by Pakistan. Now, there is a call for banning all relief materials sent by Pakistan.

Most local people in Nepal, who were looking for food and relief materials, were not aware of the contents of the relief materials. But, when they came to know about it, they avoided these. The matter has been conveyed to Nepalese PM Sushil Koirala and the Intelligence Chief. Authorities have launched a probe into the incident.

The matter will also be raised at the diplomatic level with Pakistan by keeping India in the loop, says Nepal government sources. The ‘beef masala’ packets were packaged in Nowshera Cantt in Pakistan. The labels on the packets mentions the ingredients, which can be noticed only by people who can read English.

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