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Pakistan Taliban kills over 100 School Children in Peshawar

Pakistan-Peshawar-TerrorAccording to Geo TV in Pakistan, the dreaded Pakistan Taliban militants have so far killed 130 people, including 126 school children at the Army Public School in Peshawar. At least four terrorists have been gunned down, but a few more are still inside and fighting the Armymen.

The Taliban has taken responsibility for the attack, saying it is in retaliation to the Army operation in North Wazirstan. Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif is heading towards Peshawar to take stock of the situation. The terrorists had entered the school in the guise of armed soldiers.

The world has condemned the barbaric incident and called for a joint war against Terror, which should start from the soil of Pakistan, which is the global terror hub. Pakistan Army has launched a massive operation to flush out the militants and secure the school. Hundreds of injured have been rushed to various hospitals.

At the time of terror attack, 1500 school children were inside the school. Around 500 of them are still held as hostages. The Army rescued over 800 students from the school.

A shameless spokesman of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan confirmed that the gunmen had been ordered to shoot older students at the school so that the Armymen get biggest shock of their life. It’s high time the Pakistan Army and ISI stop shielding terrorists and show strong resolve to fight the menace of terrorism.

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