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Russian jets strike near Turkish borders with Syria

Russian JetDamascus, Nov 26: Russia carried out 33 airstrikes at militant positions in Syria’s northern province of Aleppo near the Turkish borders, the media reported on Thursday.

The strikes, conducted late Wednesday, targeted rebels in the border town of Azaz near Turkey, said the report, adding that guided missiles were used on militant positions in several areas north of Aleppo, Xinhua reported.

A weapons shipment coming from the Turkish borders to the Ahrar al-Sham Movement and the Nusra Front in northern Aleppo was also struck, the report said. It added that Syrian and Russian rocket launchers also fired on militant positions near the Turkish borders.

The intensified strikes came a day after a Russian warplane was downed by the Turkish air force. Turkey said the Russian jet was shot down after ignoring repeated warnings for penetrating into Turkish airspace. Russia says the pilots heard no warning and that the aircraft did not violate Turkish airspace.

The incident has gravely strained relations between Ankara and Moscow, which described the Turkish move as a “planned provocation”.  (IANS)

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