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US Police kill another Black Teenager near Ferguson

ferguson-black-teenChicago, Aug 20: Police shot dead another black teenager on Wednesday, days after the first anniversary of death of Michael Brown in north St. Louis, Missouri.

The police officers in St. Louis, which hit the headlines for its suburb Ferguson where Brown was killed, said the 18-year-old they fatally shot had pointed a gun at them, reported Xinhua news agency.

They later identified the victim as Mansur Ball-Bey.

Some 200 demonstrators gathered at the scene after the shooting. Chanting “Black Lives Matter”, they questioned police action.

St. Louis County Police Chief Sam Dotson told reporters at a press conference that two young armed male suspects ran out of the back of a house, and two police officers chased the suspects.

During the chase, one of the suspects raised his gun and pointed it at officers, the officers then shot at the suspects, killing one, while the other got away. The two officers are not injured and are on administrative leave now.

Tensions remain high in St. Louis area after unrest during the anniversary of Brown’s death. Unarmed Brown was fatally shot by a white police officer on August 9, 2014. A St. Louis County grand jury and the US Justice Department declined to charge the officer.  (IANS)