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World’s biggest waste incineration plant planned in China

waste incineration plant-chinaBeijing, March 15: China’s southern city of Shenzhen is planning to build three waste incineration power plants including the one which will be the world’s largest in the next three years, the media reported on Tuesday.

According to Wang Guobin, the director of Shenzhen City Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau, the biggest plant alone can handle one third of Shenzhen’s garbage and will be put into use in 2018, the People’s Daily reported.

“The projects have got its Environmental Impact Assessment approval and have finished the leveling construction. The main body construction will start by the end of this year,” said Wang.

By 2018, the three plants in total will be able to dispose 10,300 tonnes of waste every day, he added. In the past ten years, Shenzhen garbage saw a growth of 6.1 percent every year. The waste produced by the city reached 5.51 million tonnes and is estimated to exceed 5.33 million in 2020.

The four landfills of the city have all been overloaded. (IANS)

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