Facebook Debate on Mahanadi Row and Odisha BJP

While the ruling BJD Government has taken tough stand against Chhattisgarh on the issue of construction of barrages on Mahanadi River, Dharmendra Pradhan has taken the lead to counter the BJD and expose it on many counts. But,  is Odisha BJP divided on Mahanadi issue? Why Bijoy Mohapatra taking a different stand?

Rabi Satapathy: Odisha BJP is always a divided house and in Mahanadi issue, the division is to settle a point with intra-party rivalry, as it has more CM aspirants than elected MLAs.

Charulata Panigrahi: Selfish people are always ready to destroy an organization to fulfill their own interest.

Shishir Gamang: Individual opinions should not be viewed as division within the party, it’s democracy and not dictatorship.

Rahul Barrick: This is intra-party politics among the BJP leaders. One is playing purely a local and other a National politics. So, views are different. Bijoy Mohapatra says that Odisha will not get its 2/3 water share in near future if chhattisgarh project does not stop immediately. So, he has a different opinion.

Sambit Nanda: It’s not BJP only who is divided on Mahanadi issue. And, what Mr Bijoy Mohapatra said, can be treated as a right stand instead of a different stand. Party should consult its experienced think tanks before taking a stand on any issues. But seldom does it happen.

Jagannath Satapathy: It’s a party with differences when it comes to Odisha. They are not working as a team. It would be wrong to ignore grass root leaders like BIjoy Mohapatra who spearheaded movement like Mahanadi Banchao Andolan during 2012-13. And, it would be too much embarrassing for Dharmendra Pradhan to encounter a new front within his own party.

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