Traveler’s Guide – 10 Things to Remember while visiting Odisha

By Srikanta Mohanty: With the launching of international flight service from the airport of Bhubaneswar, undoubtedly the tourism industry in Odisha has now got a big push. The state has now better infrastructure ready for the development of it. To add to it, the state government has overhauled the public transportation a lot to facilitate the movement of newcomers to the cities of Odisha concerned over the safety of tourists, it has also set up special cells for the round-the-clock security of the tourists to make sure they get the complete opportunity to travel around the important religious and natural spots.

The tourists could take the complete pleasure of their visit to the pristine state, if they follow the following ten important tips during their stay;

Go through the safety tips from Police– The Odisha Police has dedicated a web-page for the safety of tourists to the state. The visitors could log on to and go through all the information provided for their safety on this page.

Vaccinations for Health– The cases of Dengue are on the rise in the state. So the tourists need to take all the necessary vaccinations for TB, Typhoid, Polio, Tetanus, Hepatitis and the deadly dengue. Particularly at the places, where mosquito repellants are unavoidable, they need to insist upon getting those from the hoteliers and lodge owners.

Passport and Visa– The foreign tourists need to keep with them passport and visa and produce the documents, when the authorities at the place want them.

Insurance Coverage– Both for domestic and western tourists to Odisha, personal coverage by an insurer would minimize the travel related risks to a great extent.

Browse safely on net– Internet has become a place, where occurrence of online heist is common. The visitors to the state need to make sure that they are doing safe surfing on net. For this, they need to only opt for safe Wi-Fi and internet service.

Book hotels before the journey– It is better the visitors book their hotel rooms and travel arrangements before they begin reach the state. By doing this, they could keep themselves safe from crooks and middlemen.

Safety measures for wildlife visits-  Odisha has a number of natural places and most of the visitors come to the state to visit places in wildlife. But it is also necessary that they insist on getting the right protection during their visits to the wildlife spots.  The safety measures at the wildlife spots are absolutely vital.

Stay away from strangers– While visiting the religious places, a number of unknown people try to befriend the tourists. However, the visitors need to stay away from strangers, who could dupe them for money.  The international tourists need to take permission of the government, while entering inside remote parts of the states, which are otherwise restricted for law and order reason.

Abide by the wildlife rules– As the state has large sanctuaries, the visitors to the reserved forests and natural spots need to abide by the instructions from the authorities.   The government has imposed strict rules for the protection of flora and fauna at the natural places.

Keep your credit and ATM cards safe– The visitors need to make safe usage of credit and ATM cards. Those should not fall in the hands of unscrupulous people.

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