Congress plans to go aggressive with Rahul’s Elevation

Insight Bureau: It’s official! Putting all speculations and rumours into rest, the Congress has finally decided on the coronation of Rahul Gandhi as the party President. Although the party will go through the official process of nomination, election etc., there is little doubt that Rahul is the party’s unanimous choice to take over and replace ailing Sonia Gandhi.

The biggest question remains. Will it help the Congress? The Congress still remains on a back foot, while BJP is marching ahead across the country. The only weapons Congress relies on to corner the BJP are Demonetisation and GST. Both BJP and Congress are going aggressive to win Gujarat. The Gujarat polls may decide the fate of the Congress at the national level, while it may not hurt the BJP politically, but will definitely dent its pride if they lose.

Congress had nothing lose in Gujarat. They were down and out. But, they have finally decided to up the ante and give a tough fight to the saffron party. Rahul is leading from the front. He will get the credit for any success in Gujarat. Similarly, he will condemned further if the party loses out badly. He knows it well. We must say he has shown the courage for the first time to take a risk.

Voting for Gujarat polls will be held on December 9 and 14, while Congress’ nomination process for party President will begin on Dec 1. Congress will get a President on Dec 19 – just a day after people of Gujarat will take a call on the next government in the state. Congress has played its biggest ever gamble in recent times. They would leave no stones unturned to send a message to the public that Rahul Gandhi is serious about politics and governance in the country although it would be a different question how the voters take it.

The Congress Party has already activated its social media cell across the country. This is the area where they lagged behind and had to pay a heavy price. Can Congress undo the damage it suffered in the last 5 years? Can Rahul Gandhi rejuvenate the cadres and leaders and provide the party a new direction? Can he prove himself as an alternative to PM Modi? Too many questions and we hardly know the answers yet…

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