Rahul Raj begins in Congress; Will it help?

ONI Bureau: There was no surprise, no shock! The script was written years ago. Just the formality was completed today, but a delayed decision has already cost the party dear. Well, the coronation has been done. The Congress Party got a new President after 19 years, as Rahul Gandhi officially took over the reign of the party.

Amid celebrations and bursting of firecrackers, an emotional Sonia Gandhi passed the baton to her beloved son. Former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh welcomed Rahul and wished him the best saying he depicts ‘politics of hope’. Sonia recalled the sacrifice of Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and how she had to take a tough decision to join politics in order to save the party.

She slammed the Prime Minister and BJP leaders for defaming and maligning Rahul Gandhi, saying it would make him stronger and that he would get more love and affection from the people in the days to come. “We won’t bow down before threats”, she added.

Rahul, in his first speech after taking over as the Congress President, launched an attack on PM Modi and BJP. “Our respect for Indians extended to BJP too. We don’t consider them as enemies. Let them hate us, defame us. We will counter them with love. We believe in love and harmony. We will continue to spread the idea of brotherhood,” he said.

“The Constitution is under threat. History is being distorted. Hatred is being spread. Regressive forces are dividing the nation. But, Congress won’t let it happen. We will fight back on your behalf”, Rahul said.

“Congress is an ancient idea. In the Congress of future, your voices will be heard. We will listen to you. We won’t use force to muzzle your voices,” Rahul Gandhi said.

It would be interesting to see whether Rahul Gandhi’s coronation would help the Congress to revive its fortunes. The party is fighting for its survival. It’s sinking across the country. While it has lost the perception battle, it would be a herculean task for the Congress to counter the credibility crisis and win back people’s trust.

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