17 Odia Migrants detained at Brick Kilns of Telangana

Even as the government has enacted several pro-poor and welfare schemes and assured the poor people to provide at door step ,yet reports of poor people in search of job to brick Kilns of neighbouring states only to face exploitation and torture there.

According to reports, 19 poor labourers of Khalipali village of Muribahal had migrated to brick kilns at Peddapally village in Karimnagar district of Telangana in November 2014 through a sardar of Kantabanji by accepting an advance of rupees Rs 55,000 per family.

However, the working condition were not conducive and they had to go through lot of hardship. Two migrants labourers Kailash Bagand and Sunya Tandi escaped from the brick kilns. As the sardar of Kantabanji got the news, he started searching for labourers.

Out of fear, these labourers are hiding in the Jungle in the day time and returning to village in the night. Neither they can go to the brick kiln site for fear of attack nor they can go to village and face the threats of local sardar, says an NGO activist. Both the laburers have urged the district labour officer to rescue the remaining 17 labourers held in the brick kilns of Telangana.

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