Casting Couch: Actress Upasana files FIR against Producer Rajesh Pati

In yet another “casting couch” incident in Ollywood, actress Upasana Mohanty has filed an FIR against producer Rajesh Ranjan Pati at the Laxmisagar Police Station in Bhubaneswar today. It can be noted that Rajesh had accused Upasana of blackmailing him a few days ago.

Upasana held a press conference in the evening to accuse Rajesh of making a ‘casting couch’ attempt on her and trying to put pressure on her to marry him. She also produced WhatsApp chat transcription before the media to prove her point.

“I tolerated him for long, as I was new to the film industry. I just tried to snub him always. However, I had no option but to speak out when he levelled false allegations against me”, Upasana said.

“He was going mad after me. He even proposed to marry me and asked the crew members during the shooting in Hyderabad to convince me to agree to his proposal. The crew will confirm how he cried before them when I refused to marry. When it comes to financial transaction, I got just Rs 30,000 although I was promised Rs 1.5 lakh as the contract amount. It’s baseless allegation that I got Rs 25 lakh from Rajesh”, she added.

Rajesh has denied all allegations, saying he was in an emotional relationship with Upasana.

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