Are you really Sane, Mr. Sharif? Shame on You!

Yes, you heard it right, Pakistan. You deserve no mercy today. Everyone in India mourned the brutal killing of 141 people, including 132 schoolchildren at Army Public School in Peshawar in 2014. Our Prime Minister did everything possible to take you aboard to improve the ties while risking the loss of his own fans and followers. But, you remain incorrigible. When you have already embraced the path of disaster and self-destruction, who will save you?

Dear Nawaz Sharif, do you have little shame left? Do you really have a reason to hold your head high? Of course, not! You back-stabbed a popular leader like Atal Bihari Vajpayee and you did the same to a person who airdropped at your residence to wish you on your Birthday and attend your grand-daughter’s wedding. Do you even realize how much risk he took while doing so and angered the hawks here in India? While we mourned the terror casualties in your country, you taunted us saying Uri Attacks could be a reaction to the “atrocities” in Kashmir.

Are you really sane, Mr. Sharif? I doubt and so do billions of people across the globe. What an irony! We still consider you as our MFN. But, you people are beyond reform. Your country has lost it. You are a disgrace! It does not make any sense now to entertain anyone from your nation – whether Terrorists, Diplomats, Cricketers, Artists, Singers or Patients. It’s all over, Mr. Sharif! No bonhomie with Pakistan any more…RIP Pakistan, RIP Sharif…

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