Today’s Chanakya Opinion Poll predicts Close Fight in Bihar

One of the most accurate opinion and exit polls in the country, Today’s Chanakya has predicted a close fight in Bihar an ruled out caste and Muslim-Yadav politics in the upcoming assembly polls. The socio-economic survey of Today’s Chanakya, has agreed that Narendra Modi enjoys a massive fan following in Bihar.

Key Findings:

* Bihar Polls 2015 above Caste Politics.
* Narendra Modi’s image will have a big impact on NDA Turnout.
* Modi enjoys high popularity in Bihar.
* Grand Alliance dependent on Nitish Kumar’s popularity.
* Bihar will vote on the basis of political party, candidate choice, development and law & order.
* Muslim-Yadav Vote Bank and Manjhi not deciding factors.

Key Questions:

* Will Modi Factor have impact on Outcome? 73% say YES.
* Will Nitish Factor have an impact on Outcome? 63% say YES.

Narendra Modi Popularity Index: Very Good 37%, Good 28%, Average 16%, Poor 9%.
Nitish Kumar Popularity Index: Very Good 31%, Good 27%, Average 20%, Poor 13%.

*** Total Not 100%, as there are Can’t Say Factors too.

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