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Gillette launches Special Edition FUSION, MACH3 Razors

Gillette India LimitedRahul Dravid, Brand ambassador of Gillette India launched the special edition INDIA razors along with veteran cricket icon VVS Laxman to salute the spirit of sportsmanship of cricket fans. The new razors have the word INDIA engraved on the handle and proudly displays the country’s name and colours, to encourage cricket fans to continue extending their relentless support to the team. Gillette believes that every sports fan is a sports man deep within and is instrumental in boosting the morale of the teams’ players.

Rahul Dravid, known to sport the clean-shaven look everyday said, “I am delighted to be launching the specialeditionGillette INDIA FUSION and MACH3 razors as a tribute to salute cricket fans for their continued support.I salute the spirit of sportsmanshipof the fans which is of paramount importance. It is motivating to seethe dedication and commitment thatIndian fans show towards our team. Gillette is a brand that shares my passion to be the best andhas brought us on this platform so that we can appreciate the contribution of the fans in making or breaking a game. After having used the special edition Gillette INDIA razor, I can testify that it is a shaving technology that gives me an optimal shave and zero redness guaranteed. I urge all cricket fans to buy the‘INDIA’engraved razors and show their support to Team India.

VVS Laxman, the cricket veteran said,“I am glad that Gillette has introduced the new special edition INDIA FUSION AND MACH3 razor that serves as a tribute to the spirit of sportsmanship of the Indian cricket fans like me. The specially designed ‘INDIA’ engraved razor will act as a gentle reminder to this spirit and encourage fans to shave with the razor.”

Gillette believes that Confidence and Sportsmanship is as integral to a sports fan as to the cricketer. It is this unfailing camaraderie that enhances performance which is at the heart of the brands history and has inspired persistent innovation, product supremacy and indissoluble success.

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