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Facebook Debate on PM Modi’s “Poor” Remarks on Odisha

Modi-GondaDebate: Do you support PM Modi’s statement that #Odisha is set as example for illiteracy, poverty & unemployment? Is Odisha lone exception and other States are rich and affluent?

Bhabani Shankar Hota: But during Bihar election campaign, Modi told the audience to look to Odisha, Karnataka etc as they are producing thousands of professionals where as Bihar is limited to a few thousands.

Chakradhar Sarangi: Truth is Truth. You have accept it, in whatever form as per your choice. Yes we produce professionals to be engaged elsewhere due to lack of opportunity.

Rajalaxmi Patra: I don’t agree with Mr. Modi on this point. Odisha is very rich in resources, rich in culture & many more. Only thing Odisha is lagging behind the rest of India is lack of publicity & fighting spirit.

Debasis Raymohapatra: If he has said like that, he needs to review statistics thoroughly. I think Odisha is the best place to work with – no terrorism, no mafia, gang war, plenty of electricity, land, labour, market bit slow, but has grown many fold….

Jagatjeeban Jena: I think people have not seen the statistics. Reports suggest that Odisha is among the top 5 states where maximum % of people living below property line. I think in present scenarios in Odisha 38% people are below poverty line which is very near to double of national average…Our state is rich in resources, industries, but still many people are dying because of shortage of food. Nagada is the clear example. JE deaths in Malkangiri and many more incidents make our image as a poor state at national level.

Sachida Nanda Swain: This is a very irresponsible statement by a PM. To appease one state, people downgrading other state, is highly shameful. Just two days back he appreciated the same people for supporting BJP during ZP elections. Also he never talk on facts when giving speech. Many times he did this blunder!

Abinash Mohapatra: Yes Odisha is truly a poor state having rich minerals, long costal and many tourist attractions, in every mean Odisha is backward, whether it’s education, agriculture or employment.

Bhawani Mahapatra: Not sure about illiteracy, but Odisha is certainly backward on poverty and unemployment front, in the past also it has draw attention of international community for its poverty. Unemployment is at its worst level in KBK and southern districts. National poverty indexes put Odisha in second last position. Per capita debt burden (18k) is 4th highest in the country.

Pitabasa Mishra: Modi’s Think Tank includes many Odia IAS Officers now. He should realise the potential of Odias.

Jagannath Satapathy: Nobody can agreed upon illiteracy parameter in comparison to other states, but in case of employment and poverty, his findings are more or less right, because development is just confined to a few people, leading an example of unequal distribution of income and wealth. But again, other some BJP ruled states are also behind Odisha, although the central assistance has been significantly increased for Odisha, after Modi rule started.

Badri Mohanty: PM of a country should feel guilty about his statement regarding one state and not being aware of the history. Perhaps it’s the effect of their state leaders’ behavior.

Jagadish Pradhan: When Katju told the same all are cried like anything. Now our PM is saying the same, and now what will the intellectuals of Odisha say. Odisha needs to change its thinking now.

Srinibas Panda: He was partially right! Odisha did get the attention of national media for long. Japanese Encephalitis, Nagada issue and more often “Dana Majhi’s tale exposed the real status of this state. Odisha Government hasn’t yet made any sincere effort to eradicate rural poverty and bring development to Odisha. Merely 16% of population lives in urban. And, Development is often directly correlated with urbanization. Urban areas can be better supplied with roads, electricity, healthcare, jobs, education etc. The more the people live in villages, the more they are cut off from basic necessities.

Mousumi Mishra: Odisa is rich in natural resources. They are untapped and unused. We don’t have big projects coming up nor is there job opportunities for the youth. It’s like we have lots of money in our bank and we don’t spend it on our children’s education and live a poor lifestyle. Same holds for the state. We need to tap our resources and make our economy grow. We have to go to North India, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai for jobs. Why can’t industrial development and IT sectors open in Odisha. Maximum NGO fake ones run in Odisha? Lack of vision has kept us poor and underdeveloped. Why not face the fact? We need to change. Let’s take it as a Challenge. I don’t want to fight on this issue. It’s high time we Project Odisha well in media. Tourism is our strength. We need to work together.

Sanjay Kumar: I simply say, people of Odisha may not be at the equal level like other states, but no doubt Odisha is very rich state having high resources, long costal belt, tradition and culture.

Chennubhotla Bapujee: The whole of India put together there are almost 60% of the population, lower middle class, poor or below poverty line distributed throughout. Especially- Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Jharkhand, and some regions of North East. It is not that a particular state is backward. It shows how poor are these leaders who have no feel of this nation and they are at the helm of affairs.

Prakash Bhuyan: It may hurt Modi Bhaktas…Till today, he delivered only speech, which has no value. Earlier he said, BJP did well due to demonetisation. Whether it is correct? People are unhappy with the local leaders, then they choose alternative. We all should strongly object such type of unhealthy statement from a nation head.

Rabi Satapathy: Ab Initio, castigating in this derogatory way by Honorable PM to Odisha is absurd and smacks the hollowness and meanness of him, but considering his Gappu track record and Feku No 1 status, everybody will ignore him, giving zero importance to his words. Not only the PM, people controlled from Nagpur and even other centres in West India always depict us in Poor light, where as the so called Garibi exists in Odisha in spite of being richest in Natural resources and quality Manpower is the Lopsided development ushered. East India always remained underdeveloped. On a positive side, Mr PM, if you think so, can you provide a special Package for Odisha? Can you provide a plan/programme for mitigation and eradication of Odisha Garibi. It’s a challenge, if you can do it! We will withdraw our words and will salute you or else, stop these nonsense and naked dance of you Joomla thoughts.

BC Pattanayak: I have nothing to do with PM’s statement …. But in many sectors we lag behind with respect to most of the states in spite of high natural resources.

Shishir Gamang: The PM’s statement on Odisha should not be taken as negative or derogatory, as it is quite a known fact about the amount of money BJD spends to buy votes during elections in Odisha. He could not have possibly said or commented on the use of money by the BJD, so he instead chose to indicate the economic condition of Odisha’s people and their desire for a change in Government despite poor socio-economic conditions and fight the lure of money during elections.

Gyanranjan Samal: We are culturally rich and rich in natural resources.Even many great leaders including son of the soil Biju babu admitted Odisha is a rich state with poor people. Historically we are continuing with agrarian economy and we could not establish industries that can make our economy an Industrial one, for which our growth rate is not matching with other developed state. We can only blame ourselves for not producing more visionary leaders for such transition.

Madhusudan Das: The glorious past of the ancient Kalinga was obliterated during the period 1568 AD when it was annexed to Bengal and lost its independence. The patriotic sacrifices and extensive maritime adventure turned into poverty, corruption, non-agitating People. History of Odisha, which acquired indelible fame and glory under its past names KALINGA and not in the names of Odisha.

Amit Kumar Dash: We need not support. If he has this knowledge about Odisha why didn’t he raise it in the Parliament being a Prime Minister? Why didn’t he approve the special category state status demand of Odisha? All politicians are vote beggars. Hopeless.

Aroop Jena: Not at all. I disagree with the PM’s statement about our state. Our state recorded highest sale of luxury cars in India, highest sale of gold ornaments and gold bars in the country. State got four Krishi Karman Awards in five years. Bhubaneswar got the best 4th Best Smart City award in the world and 1st in India. State is having plenty of raw materials for manufacturing sector.. How it can be poor Sir?

Ruturaj Pattanaik: Loots and exploitation by fellow countrymen need to be recovered by the Government of Odisha or Government of India. Even today, fellow countrymen are exploiting.

Gurukrushna Dash: Is he thinking himself as Gujarati only? As the PM of India, he has the duty to eliminate the all those factors which are existing in Odisha.

Nageswar Rao: PM Modi has a duty to explain what steps he has taken to eliminate poverty from Odisha.

Prakash Mohanty: Our CM and Leaders may have spoken about poverty in our state. But, if anyone mocks us as poor, starved and helpless in other state, is difficult to digest. And, it does not suit a PM. We could be poor at home, but we can’t tolerate when our problems are advertised worldwide.

Charulata Panigrahi: The PM should not be misunderstood. What he meant is that the present govt is responsible for the poverty, poor education and health sector.

Rahul Barrick: How will MODI react if USA says INDIA is set as an example for illiteracy, poverty and unemployment..We know what is reality..

Sudhir Padhy: I agree on poverty and unemployment. Every plumber and cook in all the metros are from Odisha. Sometimes facts are harsh.

Niharika Das: The tone and tenor of his speech was in ugly taste, I won’t comment on his intentions, which I don’t know, but certainly he could have spoken that in much better, sobre and dignified way; what he said standing in another state was nothing sort of insulting to the people of Odisha as well. I object to that.

Anirudha Nayak: Lots of labour mirgrate from Odisha… Still black Magic, superstition and lots more how much… Odisha remains poor.

Kailash Behera: It may be true. But if your son is disabled or ugly, will you compare him in public. Only a person with degraded mind will do it. Modi is doing so to get political mileage only, which will certainly boomerang. His party was in power in Odisha for 9 long years. He too is responsible for this deterioration.

Barendra Kumar: Words are words….whatever way you manipulate or play with words….You can’t and shouldn’t justify anyway for what Modiji said about Odisha…. NO WAY…. Though this might be one perspective or a FACT even…. Most of the time…. it’s indecent.. if not illogical….

Before a year or so…. Modiji replaced a word and used Diyang for something….Because he understood and we too understand… The significance of a tag….For obvious reasons he shouldn’t have said such words for MY Odisha….And,… it’s not about considering context too….It’s wrong…

But, then… Modiji has become famous for his articulation… U.P elections making him infamous for his articulation only…. whether MMS raincoat or Cross border terrorists.. Or Odisha remark reactions. Make him understand….. He is the PM….and he shouldn’t stoop to such low…. For votes …

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