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Facebook Debate on Punishment for Drunken Driving

Wine-DrivingIs Penalty for Drunken Driving Justified? Should the Government ban serving liquor at Bars/Hotels or start a service to drop people at Home?

Sachida Nanda Swain: Punishment for drunken driving is justified. I think it should have been little but severe. Also same rule should be applied for using mobile phone while driving.

Chennubhotla Bapujee: Drunken driving may trigger many fatal accidents and put the future of the dependents of victims in jeopardy. If someone is caught thrice driving drunk, he should be convicted for life.

Shishir Gamang: Drunken driving is undoubtedly wrong and punishment or fine is more or less justified, but in Odisha a lot of things are being done by Govt during office hours without being drunk which has successfully kept our State undeveloped.

Charulata Panigrahi: Yes, it is punishable. In the larger interest of the society, hotels and bars should be banned from serving liquor.

Ayas Das: As per data/study one of the main causes of accidents in India is drunken driving. A drunken driver is risking his own life as well as the innocent people. So, fine is very much justified. If anybody wants to drink in bar, he/she hire driver or cab. No sympathy for drunk drivers.

Marshal Panda: Impose a fine of Rs 5000 for the first offence, Rs 20,000 for second offence and permanent cancellation of driving licence for third with 50,000 fine.

Deepak Kumar Prusty: Contradictory and clever act. Fine and wine can’t go together. Profitable act – stay outside a bar and write the chalans.. Tax hi tax.. andar bhi bahar bhi…

Ashish Dey: I don’t need licence for my bicycle. Safe return from a Bar.

Nagendra Sharma: If you’re looking for a system where zero tolerance means that even one beer and then being involved in a fender bender means a crime, it is very difficult to understand the Indian urban mindset and its easygoing approach to drinking and driving. No penalty will bring back a lost life/disability…

Sambit Nanda: Yes, it’s justified to impose penalty on drunken driving. Imposing a ban on serving alcohol on bars and hotels will not solve the issue. Rather it should be made compulsory to hire a driver when you are drunk. And, drunken driving should be made non-bailable offence. Home drop to drunken persons by small bars or hotels may not be financially feasible for them and it may develop a tendency of irresponsible drinking habits as the customer is assured of being dropped at home at the bar/hotel’s risk.

Laxmikant Rout: It’s not justifiable as the only common people are to be punishable. All should come be under the law whether Liquor shop or Bar. I don’t understand what is the intention of the Govt?

Rahul Barrick: Liquor is the root cause of all evils. And, it gives highest revenue to the proprietors and, govt. giving highest miseries to the in-takers directly or indirectly. Firstly Govt should ban liquor then should take stern decision on the drunken drivers so that others won’t dare to commit such offences.

Prakash Bhuyan: Drunken driving should be banned. Fine or penalty is not the right solution. He must be arrested for one day if proved that he has driven the vehicle. Drunk driver may pay penalty, but may not prefer to be arrested. You may drink but not in public or drive the vehicle which may lead to hit and run.

Parambrahma Tripathy: drunken driving not only risks the driver but also puts commuters even the judiciary (in some cases like that of Salman Bhai) at risk. We cannot end drinking. However, we all can start a self-awareness campaign against drunken driving.

Jagannath Satapathy: It would be better to fix a time for opening of bar and IMFL shop especially during night hours – only from 10 pm to 2 pm so that number of drunkards goes down. Secondly, if someone is caught drunk even after that grace period, then heavy penalty should be levied with minimum 2 days of detention.

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