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3 Children killed, 6 other injured in a blast in Bihar

Parcel Bomb blast in BiharThree children were killed and six others seriously injured on Monday in an explosion in a flour mill in Bihar’s Munger district, police said.

“Three children were killed and six seriously injured when an explosion took place in a flour mill in Bahadur Nagar village,” a police official said. Villagers told police that the explosion in the flour mill was quite powerful.

“After the explosion, parts of the flour mill machine and the stone wheel were scattered like toys that killed three children playing nearby and injured others,” the official said. The incident created panic in the village, prompting hundreds of people from the neighbouring areas to gather near the flour mill.

“The owner of the flour mill fled after the explosion. The exact cause of the explosion is yet to be ascertained,” the police official said. (IANS)

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