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7 Arrested in Rohtak Gangrape & Murder Case

Gangrape-RohtakAt least seven people have been arrested in connection with the brutal gangrape and murder of a mentally challenged Nepalese woman in Rohtak last week. The woman’s organ was violated with sticks, stones and blades by the rapists and her body was mutilated by the wild animals after she was dumped in a field near the Highway.

The 28-year-old woman’s half-eaten body was found on February 4. She abducted on February 1. Key organs from her body was missing. The left side of the body was completely gone. Objects such as sticks, stones, blades and condoms were stuffed into her private parts. The shocking gangrape reminded everyone of the 2012 Nirbhaya gangrape in New Delhi.

Dr. SK Dattarwal, who headed the post-mortem examination, said that he had never seen such a horrifice case in 30 years. She was hit first to become unconscious before being gangraped, he said. According to Haryana Cops, a person of Nepalese origin is among the seven people arrested today.

The woman had come from Nepal only a few months ago. She was staying with her sister while being treated at a mental hospital.

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