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India welcomes understanding on Iran Nuclear Talks

India welcomes understanding on Iran Nuclear TalksIndia on Friday welcomed the understanding announced between Iran and the six world powers on the Tehran nuclear issue, saying that it underlined the success of diplomacy and dialogue which India has always supported.

In a statement, the external affairs ministry said: “India welcomes the understanding announced in Lausanne between Iran and the E3+3 on the nuclear issue. A significant step seems to have been taken with agreement on the parameters of a comprehensive settlement to be negotiated by June 30.”

“India has always maintained that the Iranian nuclear issue should be resolved peacefully by respecting Iran’s right to peaceful uses of nuclear energy as also the international community’s strong interest in the exclusively peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear programme. The announcement yesterday underlines the success of diplomacy and dialogue, which India has always supported and which we hope would lead to a comprehensive agreement by June 30.”

Iran and France, Germany and the UK, China, Russia, and the US sealed a breakthrough agreement on Thursday outlining limits on Iran’s nuclear programme in exchange for which Tehran was promised an end to years of economic sanctions.

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