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Eat, Drink, Sleep well: Models’ formula to be Ramp Ready

Fashion ShowsPanaji, Oct 31: Plunging necklines, daring hemlines and baring waistlines are part and parcel of the modeling world. And to flaunt them with panache on the ramp, models say they ensure to “eat clean”, detox by drinking a good amount of water and stay away from alcohol.

Aastha Pokharel, a model from Nepal, says she eats “clean”.

“I avoid food items that will lead to bloating of my tummy. I mostly have salads and no oily food items. I drink lots of water. I carry my bottle wherever I go. I try to tone up as much as I can so I work harder on my abs. I do crunches,” she told on the sidelines of an ongoing fashion gala here.

Popular Indian model Sucheta Sharma says she likes to work out throughout the year. But there are a few things that she does as the fashion week approaches, and cutting down the quantity of food she consumes is not one of them.

“I don’t compromise on food as it is a fuel which gives energy to the body. I make sure not to have fried food items. It’s not like I only go for boiled food. I have pulses and breads that are easily available. I cleanse my skin properly and keep it moisturised,” she said.

These models are here as part of the ongoing Gionee India Beach Fashion Week 2015 (GIBFW), which will conclude on Saturday at The Lalit Golf & Spa Resort Goa.

They look fit and fabulous despite going through hours of trials and make-up.

Based in Bombay now, Phoebe Lawson, from Cape Town, South Africa, says she cuts down on sugar intake to keep her frame in check.

“I also do at least 20 minutes of walk or stretching exercises and drink water. Sleeping well is important too. I start all this two weeks or a week before a fashion week,” she said.

And whenever a fashion extravaganza begins, Lawson says she reaches out for fruits. In Goa, she’s eating vegetables with hummus.

“Taking care of my skin is essential for me. I wash my face with a natural brand face scrub, use organic oil, following proper cleansing, toning and moisturising. At night, I use the oil instead of the moisturiser. I don’t drink tea or coffee. But, yes, I do depend on green tea and no alcohol,” she said.

Male models also ensure they have their packs in place for the ramp walk.

Udaybir Sandhu, who was digging into a chicken dish here, said: “I focus more on a diet high on protein and low on carbohydrates. I spend an hour and a half in gym and do weight training. I didn’t drink (alcohol) for two months as it affects the body. I also use natural products on my face.”

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