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Ways to bring Love, Prosperity in Married life on Karva Chauth

karva chauthNew Delhi, Oct 30: Make sure to wear red in any form on Karva Chauth on Friday, and while praying to the moon on the occasion, try to stand in a south-west corner. It will boost love and understanding between you and your husband, says an expert.

Madhu Kotiya, spiritual healer at indiatarot.com, has shared tips to attract prosperity in your married life on Karva Chauth:

* Red is the colour of love. Make sure to wear red in any form on this day. It could be a red lipstick, red bangles or red sari. A little of red is must on this day.

* The mustard oil diya is a symbol of the everlasting love. Make sure that the diya doesn’t extinguish and should light for the whole day, until you open the fast. In some cases, if you light your diya only during the ‘katha’, then don’t let it extinguish until moon-sighting.

* Open your fast with a sweet. Jaggery works the best. After having the jaggery, ask your husband to make you drink only a few drops of water.

* While praying to the moon, try to stand in a south-west corner. This corner boosts love and understanding between the couples. Also, this direction is the best when choosing a room for the couple.

Apart from the tips, follow the numerology patterns and know which fragrance to wear during the day. Essential oils like sandalwood and jasmine will increase attraction between the couple and reduce negativity.

* Number one, wear rose fragrance.

* Number two, wear a perfume made of mandarin fruit.

* Number three, patchouli is the perfect fragrance.

* Number four, the lucky perfume will be made of jasmine.

* Number five, musk will be lucky.

* Number six, wear any flowery fragrance.

* Number seven, wear sandalwood fragrance.

* Number eight, lavender is the fragrance for you.

* Number nine, a mix of rose and lavender fragrance will do wonders.

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