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10 Things to Know about Lotus Resort at Ramchandi

By Srikanta MoRamchandihanty: Odisha, the pristine state, has the sun-kissed beaches, which are major attractions for people all-over the world. Especially, the sandy beach of Ramchandi near Konark is a popular destination for everyone.  The temple of its presiding deity “Ramchandi” is a crowd-puller on the important occasions, when the beach witnesses the peak of festivities.

As the Sun temple of Konark has global reputation on the international tourism map, the beach has now improved infrastructure for the stay of visiting tourists.

Lotus Resort– the leading name among the hotels and resorts in Odisha- has come up with world-class facilities for the guests visiting the place that complements the choices of elite class of visitors to the state.

Let’s discuss the 10 best features of the Resort, which are outstanding in every respect.

Ramchandi-1The Earthy but Divine Outer– ‘God is imminent in nature’- this axiom is something that everyone would realize while stepping inside the interior of the Ramchandi Resort. The perfect harmony with nature is viewable from the aesthetics of the exterior of the resort.

Unique welcome gesture for every guest- Like the traditional Indian way of receiving the guests at the doorstep of the household, guests receive a heart-warming welcome with the blowing of conch- shell and pasting of traditional ‘tikka’ on their foreheads. The ‘welcome’ drink differs from the usual soft-drink as the guests are served with lime juice.

Immaculate 19 Cottages– The scented pinewood cottages, situated in a row, have perfect blend with motif of rural life. The artificial impression created of cow-dung pasted on the walls warms up the hearts as exotic designs of exquisite interior.  The six deluxe and rest single rooms have unique charm of their own.

Ramchandi-2Best facility for conference-  Not only the resort offers peace and entertainment for watching nature but groups could hold their scheduled meeting in the large conference, where fifty participants could easily get seated.

Traditional & International Cuisine– The kitchen of the cottage could serve the best from delicacies from Odia Cuisine. It also has the fine delicacies from continental and Chinese.

Mingle with virgin nature– While stepping outside the guests could take the pleasure of sipping tea near the sandy bay. The supreme nature offers great flora and fauna. They could see Sambar, deer, barking deer, while the waves from the sea lap up their feet.

Unique Seashore– Ramchandi sea beach is only-one- of- its- kind as the sea is not turbulent. Scenic and placid, as though the wind whispers in everyone’s ear- “be silent, let nature speak”.  It is the best spot, where one could take a dive in the waves and roam around in a boat.

Great Lotus Eco garden- Lotus has many things exclusive for every arrival of the guests. It could offer the views of its luscious vegetable garden, magnificent butterfly park, while it has complete greenery around itself.

Eco-friendliness- at its peak– The solar lighting system installation in it is simply surprising. It keeps the interior, exterior, pathways, and entrance fully lighted.

Exclusive special packages– As a pioneer in eco-tourism, it has exclusive packages for its guests. The packages take complete care of their comfortable stay coupled with other facilities.

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