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Run for The National Flag by a Common Man

CM Devendra Fadnvis - national flagThis Republic Day, Khalid Qureshi had begun the Tiranga Relay run from Gateway of India at 08:30 AM after singing National Anthem along with other fellow runners. Honorable Chief Minister Shree Devender Fadavnis flaged off the Relay run from Sahayadri Guest House. The CM was very happy to know that a common man who is a Western Railways ticket checker has decided to spread awareness among people on the importance of the tricolour by running with the ‘Tiranga’ and travel the length of Mumbai city.


Mr Khalid Qureshi, was very happy that the CM recognized him even though he is a common man. Khalid Qureshi, the checker, began his run from Gateway of India on January 26, 2015 andreachesDahisar Check Naka,He halted at 8 places along the way. The concept, ‘I Love My Tiranga, was conceived two years ago. Qureshi said he was undertaking this exercise to cheer, motivate and awaken every Indian so to encourage the need to love and respect the Tiranga and also convey the message that the flag should flutter atop their houses every day.

Coming from a modest background, Qureshi is pained to see people not respecting the tricolour. He has one question for all Indians: “Why is the national flag displayed only selectively—when India wins cricket match, or on a few national days, or during anti-corruption rallies, etc?” According to him, one doesn’t need a reason to fly the national flag aloft one’s house. Reports say in America and many other countries people display their national flags at their homes. However, in India people don’t do that, he added.


I love my Tiranga” is a social initiative that aims at inspiring all Indians, worldwide, to adorn our homes and institutions with the Indian national flag, thereby spreading its message of a unified India. The Tiranga procession has led by school children from Saint Duruelo Convent School, Bandra and ShriSatyaSaiVidyamandir, Juhu; all dressed in the Tirangacolours, dancing to the tune of a Lezim Band; played live by the school children themselves. Along the way, bikers will join in the procession, holding placard of “I Love My Tiranga‟ and ride along to cheer Khalid and other fellow runners.


The Tiranga procession covered the entire Mumbai city, covering key landmarks Churchgate Station, Marin Drive, Haji Ali, Shivaji Park, National collegeBandra, Juhu Beach, Citi Mall Lokhandwala, Don Bosco School Borivali, Dahisar Check Naka and finally the procession ended at Vasai Creek. The procession halted at 4 major locations to engage with those gathered on the  streets of Mumbai to cheer the Tiranga relay run ie: Marine Drive, Shivaji Park, Juhu and finally at Don Bosco School, Borivali for a “Bring Home A Tiranga – Pledge Ceremony‟. along with Khalid, several other everyday hero’salso broke into the run along the way.

RoshniRai – a long distance runner from Darjeeling, with an 89Kms ultrathon under her kitty. She is now fighting for the identity and right of her community from Darjeeling. She ran with the Tiranga from Marine Drive to Bandra.


CommanderAbhilashTomy, KC – A navy pilot by profession and an adventurer at heart, he is the first Indian to solo circumnavigate the globe, non-stop, in a sail boat. Abhilash ran with the Tiranga by the sea, At Juhu Beachand over the Vasai Creek. ShibaniGharat – A Mumbai based media executive and the first non-Lakdakhi woman to complete the Khardungla La Challenge ran with the Tiranga from Lokhandwala to Borivali.

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