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SUDHA Stages Play “Pathoi Bohu” of Fakir Mohan Senapati

SUDHA stages Pathoi BohuNewly born performance “Bhakti” of Svabhava – Kabi Gangadhara Meher and the Play “Pathoi Bohu” of Fakir Mohan Senapati Staged by  the  State level Cultural Organization  SUDHA,  at Local Mandaps, Puri  Sadar Villages, Jana Mangala Samiti Shree Rama Mandir Marg,  Saraswati Sisu Bidya Mandir, Baula Matha Lane, Srikshetra Sikhya Mandir Markandeswar Sahi, Santoshi English Medium School Sarbodaya Nagar, Utkalmani  Sishu  Siskhya  Mandir Utkalmani  Shree Rama Mandir Marg,  Saraswata M.E. School  Markandeswar Sahi,  Puri communicate the students, parents, teachers, teacher educators and audience with a different kind of artistic language which dealt with loving observation of nature, but personifies Nature by injecting life into it.

In this Dance Drama “Bhakti”  the eminent  artists were performing in the form of Indian Classical Dance (Odissi) evinced about Gangadhar Meher’s  deep faith in God,  oriented towards divinity, believed in God as the ultimate reality and surrendered himself to God and emphasized on devotion as the only and ultimate way of realization of God with culture and tradition and inspiring to humanity  and eclectic in nature of  philosophy. In order to combat the narrow utilitarian attitude to education current in this society and to demonstrate the need for education as an antidote to superstition, as a protection against exploitation, and as an aid to more compatible marriages reflected in the Play Pathoi Bohu returns once more to the need for female education.

In this Play Gopala Babu was a Kaceri Official.  Saraswati Dei, was from a remote jungle village. She was beautiful and domesticated, but illiterate. His attempts to  educated her failed largely because, she could see no reason why a wife who spent all her life in the home should learn to read. Saraswati Dei’s, way of thinking that she already was intelligent  and She had been told so constantly by her mother and friends in her native village and indeed in domestic skills it was impossible to fault her. Saraswati had no intend to insult her husband Gopala Babu  that work in the kaceri and  education is essential, for him but  what good education is essential for her. Gopal  was annoyed that his wife was so illiterate that she heard bhakti-dayini-sabha as bhagabati daani which with whom her husband spent all his evenings. She asked the servant Arjuna the several about  bhagabati daani Arjuna his description of the goddess’s charms set Saraswati’s blood boiling.

She started smashing up the kitchen and got herself scalded in splashing rice water. Then she pounded her forehead on the floor till her forehead split, and blood spurted forth.  Directed by Dr. Charubala Dash this Play  pointing out once more the need for female education, raising another more important issue, the defects  inherent in the traditional training of a bribe. Hitherto the caste system had more or less ensured compatibility between husband and wife, because both came from almost identical backgrounds.  Therefore, unless a bribe retained sufficient adaptability, even the most perfect traditional training and behaviour, was no longer guaranteed to bring her success in marriage. This is the underlying theme of Pathoi Bohu. The drama on this story was a unique presentation of social conditions in the country sides in India.  Sudha’s Chairman Sri Sanjaya Kumara Mishra is arranging and managing the programme on behalf of SUDHA

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