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Two Odia Writers to get Kalinga Literary Award 2015

Two Odia Writes to get Kalinga Literary Award 2015Bhubaneswar: 15May 2015: On 17 May 2015 the City of Temples will have the greatest ever Literary Congregation. The participation of local, national and global legends in the different fields of creative art and literature promises to be the best platform to showcase Odisha and Bhubaneswar on the national and global literary map.

The annual festival Kalinga Literary Festival that started in 2014 to celebrate language, literature and creative arts in its second year has emerged as one of the leading platforms in the country and has received international attention and support across continents. The Kalinga Literary Festival 2015 promises to live up to its claim of being a celebration of National and International writings that encompasses a wide range of activities including debates, discussions, readings, music and workshops.

Literature as Reflection is the central theme of 2015. The focus will be on a wide range of topics including Romanticism and contemporary literature, Feminism in contemporary Literature, Parallel Cinema and contemporary Literature, Dalit & Tribal Literature, Media, Medium, Message & Literature, Bhasa Sahitya Vs English Literature and many other inter-related issues.

Kalinga Literary Festival will play host to over 50 speakers from across the India. Prominent authors who have confirmed their presence at the 2nd Kalinga Literary Festival 2015 include Sir Willam Mark Tully, Prabhu Chawla, Dr. Chandrashekhara Kambar,  Prof. Kedarnath Singh, Ashok Chakradhar, Dr Haraprasad Das, Dr. Ramakanta Rath, Satya Narayana Sahu , Dr. Pratibha Ray, Dr. Gourhari Das, Dr. Ranjana Kumari , Dr. Sarojini Sahoo,  Paramita Satapthy, P. Lalita Kumari, Roopa Ganguly, Seema Biswas, Bhartuhari Mahtab , Sabyasachi Mahapatra, Pranesh Prasad, Haladhar Nag, Narendra Kumar Bhoi, Arjun Charan Hembrum, Ashish Gadnayak and others. KLF directorate in talks with lyricist Prasoon Joshi, legendary Hindi Poet Ashok Vajpyee, Bollywood Director Madhur Bhandarkar, acclaimed media personality Urmilesh, academician, writer and activist Kancha Ilaiah and other to speak at the 2nd Kalinga Literary Festival 2015. See the link http://kalingaliteraryfest.org  for complete list of authors. Roots of Odisha Foundation will confer Kalinga Literary Award 2015 to noted Odia writer Banaja Devi, Durga Prasad Panda on this occasion.

Speaking about the literary extravaganza, Festival Chairman Dhirendra Kar said, “The Kalinga Literary Festival nourishes narratives and nurtures a vibrant literary community. Once again, this coming May, our festival will generate and give voice to the marvelous and spontaneous energy that has become its hallmark. I am particularly proud this year to have brought Willam Mark Tully, Dr. Chandrashekhara Kambar, Prof. Kedarnath Singh, Dr. Pratibha Ray four of our greatest living writers to KLF.”

Festival Director Rashmi Ranjan Parida said, “We are completely overwhelmed with the response for the festival for this year. This year our sincere efforts will be to ensure that the Festival in 2015 fulfils the expectations of our audiences and continues to be a dream destination for literature lovers from across India.”

The Kalinga Literary Festival as always is free for the general public to attend. An online registration for all visitors has been introduced to ensure better management at the venue. Registrations for Kalinga Literary Festival are now open for delegates, volunteers and the media (http://kalingaliteraryfest.org).

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