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‘Samayara Satyapatha’: The Affidavit of Time

SAMAYA_SATYAPATHA_Single_CoverSamayara Satyapatha – A new therapy of writing for Common Cause

Book reviewed by Indurekha Paschimakabata, Lecturer, SG Women’s Junior College 

When almost every passerby sideways the melancholy of scenes, but he finds out the nuts & bolts to get into it. He picks up the instances from the daily life, from the ongoing schedules, from the foot paths, from the streets, from the words of the friends, strangers, people, etc. This special feature of the writer has attributed him a special fame. The book ‘Samayara Satyapatha’, a collection of articles published in different Odia dailies alarmed the ongoing notorious activities of different corrigendum which have culminated its shapes in various forms in front of the whole society. In each article the writer tried to sensitize the profounding mass who have the power to deactivate the entire root worthy infamous truths. The book is nevertheless, a great boost for the disgusted people to tackle with the upcoming menaces which has already transformed into dangerous shapes.

Mr. Samarendra Baliarsingh, a critic by writing has again warned the society of the great evils such as dowry system, corruption, domestic violence against women, child abuse, terrorism, and many more which proved that the human being is the most violent creature of the world. The writer has shown his great concern about the dogmatic activities of the man on the earth, who instead of taking care of the family & surrounding relationships may it be the father-mother, brother-sister, parents- children, teacher-student, friend-friend, has almost made a full stop creating a void in the society due to the new advanced materialistic concepts. The materialistic life with a great sort of luxury made man the most devastating creature in the name of science. Apart from that, the enthusiastic titles give an extra-ordinary outlook about the articles for the readers before getting into the detailed structure.
A writer with simplicity in life as well as in writing always found the huge potentiality in youths of the country who can bring a major transformation making the systems practically available ‘at the doorstep’ of the people with transparency & modern technologies. The antagonistic activities of the passionate people who try to make a useless apartheid to cultivate the irresponsive minutes in the society disappoint the writer about these unparallel creativities. The writer has criticized the politicization of democratic values. Criminalization of politics & politicization of criminals, both have increased in a rampant way in India today. He also shown his great concern about these very unnecessary forms of demonstrations, hartals, bandhs, etc. which affects the internal structure of the society creating a great pain & agony amongst the public.

Mr. Baliarsingh has shown his grief over the delay & improper implementation of various awareness programmes. A writer with a different perspective always tried to encourage the public to fight against the social illnesses. With a different look he puts his effort to bring a sensation among the people who could able to feel what the odds are happening around them & can fight against them making themselves morally responsible.
The writer has presented his views in a fanatic way which provides a new therapy to his writings with a many times readable formula. But, in some articles he missed to opt for any pin-pointed valuable suggestion, hence making it a generalized one. If the writer would have been given the date and the name of the newspaper in which the articles published might have been more informative for the readers. However so, the way of criticism by the writer with a good humor of words having a balanced approach in encouraging the mass to eradicate the evil deeds & thoughts is really praiseworthy.

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