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Bihar Elections: TV channels’ vote count leads cause confusion

New Delhi, Nov 8: Two hours into counting of votes on Bihar, different TV channels showed different leads of the vote count in Bihar on Sunday, triggering confusion.

There was also confusion with the spokespersons of the BJP as well as the JDU claiming victory.

Times Now showed NDA in the lead with 82 seats, while the Grand Alliance was shown leading with 64 seats and other parties in three.

However, CNN-IBN showed the JDU had crossed the halfway mark while the BJP was ahead in 92 seats.

A trend by India Today TV showed NDA leading with 89 seats, the Grand Alliance with 66 and other parties with three seats.

NDA was also seen leading according to News X channel, with 96 seats, the Grand Alliance with 92 and others with five seats.

Online news websites too showed different leads of the political parties.  (IANS)

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