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Dadri: Akhlaq’s Family Members were saved by a Hindu Man

Akhlaq-DadriWhen Akhlaq and his son were targeted by the mob, a Hindu Family in the Neighbourhood, saved three women, one man and one child of his family. Akhalq was killed by the mob, while his son is critically injured and fighting for life at hospital.

That Hindu Family told media that there was no communal angle attached to the incident, which occurred over a stolen calf. Things became tense only after media and politicians highlighted the issue.

“We appeal the politicians and media not to communalise and sensationalise the issue, which will disturb peace in our area. Nobody is communal here. We all are living in peace. The incident should be considered as a heinous crime and guilty must be punished without exception,” said Vishnu Rana, who saved Akhlaq’s family.

The issue had snowballed into a big controversy after media, politicians and some intellectuals added communal colour to the incident and triggered passion and tension across the country. It was alleged that Akhlaq was killed for eating beef.

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