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Indira Gandhi wanted Priyanka as her Political Successor?

Priyanka Gandhi VadraCongress veteran and close aide of late PM Indira Gandhi, ML Fotedar, dropped a bomb-shell by claiming that Priyanka was a natural successor to Mrs. Gandhi. “Indira wanted Priyanka to step in her shoes,” he claimed.

Indira Gandhi reportedly saw potential in Priyanka and was confident that she would become a great leader and carry forward her political legacy. Fotedar told an English Daily that Indira had told him that next century belonged to Priyanka.

Fotedar further claimed that it was the last political wish of Indira, as she expressed her views just three days before the assassination. “We were in Kashmir and visited a temple. Soon after, she talked about Priyanka and made those observations”, he said.

“Perhaps, Sonia Gandhi did not agree with Indira’s suggestion. After Indira Ji’s death, I told Rajiv about Indira’s views on Priyanka. I also intimated Sonia. But, they did not say anything,” claims Fotedar.

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