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Woman Wrestler Rani Rana pins down Male Opponent in a Minute

Rani-RanaEven Maggi takes two minutes to boil and become a ready-to-eat food. But, Rani Rana, a 21-year-old woman wrestler from Gwalior, made history, as she pinned down a male wrestler within a minute and had him at her mercy.

Rani, who defeated a female wrestler Chitra Yadav (22) in 45kg category, erupted into aggression and entered the male wrestlers’ arena to challenge them during a Wrestling Tournament at Mhow, Madhya Pradesh. Vinod Prajapati, a male wrestler, who wanted to teach Rani a lesson, was quick to accept the challenge. He was confident of a victory.

But, Rani was very quick and agile. She took less than a minute to put Vinod in a “nelson hold” and pin him down. Vinod was at the mercy of Rani until she let him go. It was a clear victory – fair and square, which was hailed by the stunned crowd.

Former Olympian Kripashankar Patel lauded Rani Rana for this achievement, saying the victory would not only boost her confidence, but also encourage many other women wrestlers across the state.

“Challenging a male counterpart is not big deal for me, as in the past I faced several male wrestlers in the arena. I know how to handle my opponents – male or female. I just wanted to show people that women are no less in strength and can beat anyone on any day,” she proudly said.

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